Friday, November 09, 2007


One of the lovely things about living in France is that everyone assumes it is utterly normal to consume wine at any hour of the day or night starting with champagne for breakfast although, personally, I prefer a cuppa to start the day.

At work, it has become rather the thing to have a communal wine-tasting at the end of the week. It started off with a fairly informal get-together around a couple of bottles with a nice chat. This week, one of the guys brought in a special chart which would be helpful in our appreciation of the wine. I came in a bit late having been involved in finishing off some stuff, and when I came in, they had yet to actually drink a drop, as they were busily studying the colour, nose etc. I didn't realise that this was a Serious Tasting, and just sat down taking a swig which caused much laughter from those who had been told not to taste before they'd examined all the rest.

As usual, I did things backwards, and having swigged, then settled down to a more in-depth appreciation. I was already feeling quite tanked up having been taken out to lunch by my pals B and W who were worried about my general state of upset over a guy I've been having trouble with this week. Having got myself into a merry state for the afternoon, I was rollicking by this evening and had a lovely time making silly comments along with everyone else.

Most of my colleagues are not people I mix with socially, but it's a laugh on a Friday evening to sit around the lovely meeting table swigging decent wine and trying to find interesting and silly things to say about it.

I may just push paper for a job, but my work environment makes it a very pleasant way to push if that is what one is obliged to do to keep the roof over ones head...


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