Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sofa Sagas

I've decided to join the credit crunch throngs. Why? Because the inside of my house looks like it was put together with a hotch potch of hastily thrown together items - which it was - and therefore needs to grow up a bit.

You know how you go into some people's houses and wonder at the amazing way everything just sort of goes, and it's all immaculate even though there are children? Well, mine is not like that, but it could be better than it is. A rough list includes a sofa, table with chairs, thing to put the tele on, sideboard, and while I'm at it, a new mattress wouldn't go amiss.

First stop the internet, natch, and a browse around Ikea, Habitat, odds 'n' sods sites and Steiner, Paris. Second stop, Ikea in the car on a Wednesday afternoon. I don't know what's happened to Ikea but their stuff looked dull, badly put together and uninspiring. The only sofa that might do was 1090Eur which is a lot to spend on something you might hate having had to struggle to put it together.

Steiner sent me an estimate for a beautiful angle sofa - 4660Eur. Hmmm, maybe not... By this time I'm getting a bit concerned that I'm on a wild goose chase. To make matters worse, I tortured myself with the Conran website where everyone lives in a mansion with rooms at least 100m². They are perfect for the 4m long sofas with graceful curves...

Back in the real world, I need a compact angle sofa measuring around 2.4m in length, not leather since I have a cat and not looking like it is held together with hope and two bits of string. My youngest and I went on a reconnaissance trip to the sofa shop strip of But, Roche Bobois, Meuble de France etc. this afternoon. Hopeless it was. But looked like a bazaar as they are having a refit sale, and the others had prices upwards of 4000Eur.

Came home disheartened and made lasagna from scratch. Looking for solace in food...


  1. Nowt to do with sofas, more to do with etymology, or philology....

    I misled you about the french word for flint. It's silex. "Chaille" is a very rare word -- my best buddy over in Lodeve had to do some research to find it -- meaning an agglomeration of flint and chalk. That must be what's in the vineyard at St G d'O.

  2. This is a good topic for discussion, but Is it right to comment on others sofas?
    John Cena

  3. Yes, John it is. It is not only right, it is our duty and our joy...


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