Thursday, March 27, 2008

Impending Panic

It seems that furniture delivery guys are like buses. You wait and wait and then they all turn up on the same day!

I got two calls today to tell me that all my new furniture is being delivered tomorrow. PANIC stations then ensued because I haven't yet got rid of the old stuff and my living room is very limited in size. Hurriedly I called the guy who will come and take away your old furniture for free, but he can't come until Sunday afternoon.

I'm just going to have to hope it doesn't rain and dump the old stuff outside if I can't squeeze everything inside just for a couple of days.

However, I'm now terribly excited, as are the boys. What with having the water system installed plus the new furniture, I feel like we are heading rapidly towards a decent standard of living, at last. Not luxurious, not pretentious, just normally decent and it'll be the first time since I moved to France that I'll be able to enjoy such a pleasure!

Roll on the pals who want to come and visit me now! I just have to get the boys to remove their crap from the garden and there'll be no stopping the aperos al fresco this summer! Cool!


  1. I sign on as first on the list for drinkies in the garden....or anywhere in fact!

  2. Ha, if your area is anything like ours, put them out side at night and they'll be gone by morning!!

  3. Youpie youpie....sofa's there.....
    About the best lais plancs of mice and men....I know what you mean at the moment!!!!


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