Monday, March 24, 2008

Rage de Tomate

I'm feeling off-kilter with things at the moment. It's supposed to be Spring, which means I have stuff to do in the garden, stuff to clear out of the garage, and stuff to do on my book.

Unfortunately, despite the sunshine, the wind was blowing in directly from the Siberian steppe and the only thing I had any desire to do was hunker down beneath something warm and do nothing. I tried to be dynamic, honest! I took the boys down to the cycle circuit this morning, wrapped in hoodie and ski jacket and sat facing the sun so at least I might get a healthy glow even if I was a shivering wreck.

I had to get petrol after lunch, and in a wave of efficiency, decided to go to Botanic as well to get tomato seeds/plants. It seems in fact I'm a bit early for tomato plants for the summer, so I got annoyed that I'm too early and that the trip was going to prove to be a waste of time (and dynamism). I looked at seed packets and got even crosser. The blurb described the size and colour of the tomato, but not the taste. What's the point of growing your own toms if it's not to be guaranteed a tomato with TASTE? Good grief, I don't care what it looks like as long as it doesn't taste like a bland mushy piece of crap like the ones in the supermarket.

I was getting ready to stomp out in disgust when I realised that changes had been made in the shop, and there is now a massive area devoted to organic produce and even a little eatery. Mollified, my youngest and I made an in-depth study of all on sale, and bought a bag of cart-wheels pasta (at his request) (last of the big spenders...). The prices were generally on the upper side of high as you can imagine. Still, it was something new, and helped me forget my tomato rage.

After all the excitement, however, and freezing weather, I eschewed all further prospect of working outside, hunkered down beneath a warm furry blanket and watched 'Icon' on DVD while the boys did their own thing.

So I didn't need to worry about planting tomatoes yet. It's too early. Clearly, I should do my homework, then I'd actually know what I was doing...

One day... perhaps...


  1. Mon dieu!!! Don't you have a marché du terroir at which to buy delicious tomatoes? That's tragic.

  2. At a price, Expat.

    I'd rather be able to pick my own as I'm a lazy bugger and the garden is just outside.

  3. I rather like the idea of tomato rage; one can imagine similar feelings of orange happiness...or lemon zest

  4. We have a few itsy-witsy seedlings up already -- weather is very warm here. It's true, ya can't beat a garden-grown 'mato.


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