Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Skin Deep

I think I might have mentioned that I'm trying to stave off the early morning alien look with a daily application of l'Oréal's Revitalift. Is it working? I wouldn't say so, no. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. It gives me the satisfaction of 'trying', however. Maybe that's what sells beauty products - you know it won't do anything because no product is allowed to be effective beneath only the top layers of skin, and as our problems start deeper down, only more radical medically-monitored treatments have any hope of making an improvement.

Not sure I'll succumb again to the triumph of hope over experience...

However, having realised that my 40s are the last years I may expect to have decent skin and enjoy the last knockings of youth, I have taken to looking after myself with a bit more care. A daily scrub in the shower with one of those netting things that look like they were originally bags that held oranges and were scrunched together to form a netting ball thing on a string, followed by 'hint of summer' body lotion (Carrefour's own brand) and those vitamin 'perles' that prepare your skin for the sun.

Well, I do live in the south of France, and have to go out sometimes. I also don't wish to look that pale and interesting - a nice golden honey colour is much more attractive than the blue-white pasty look, so it should be easier to achieve with all this stuff.

There's nothing like a bit of panic to get me moving. Result: my skin is nice and soft - no bumpy bits, scabby bits, dry skin bits, and it does have a healthier glow. If one is kind to others, there's no reason why one shouldn't be kind to oneself too!

My eldest found a photo of me when I was 20 - one of those ones taken in a photo booth. He'll go far I'm sure - he said to me "Oh mummy, you haven't gained a single wrinkle!" Not true of course, experience putting paid to any hope of that, but at least he didn't say "Oh mummy, you look so YOUNG here!"

I'm sure I would have signed up for a facelift on the spot!

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