Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Take Two

Last Friday I took two hours off work to await the arrival of my new table and chairs. They arrived, eventually, and then got taken away again because of an installation cock-up.

Take Two was today. The van arrives and out pop two jolly guys. They start unloading the chairs while I hurriedly scoff the last of my lunch outside, in the sun. Spring has arrived here and it's quite warm and lovely. I was even inspired to sweep the patio...

Not long after the chairs were unloaded and the bubble wrap removed, I noticed a huddle of urgently whispering men and deduced that there was (another) problem. How right I was. Guy One comes over to me and asks me not to hit him (!) but that some of the furniture is damaged. I'm not sure whether my reaction on Friday (testy) provoked those delivery guys to warn these delivery guys about the 'violent' foreign chick, but I was somewhat surprised at the nature of his request.

It transpired that the table had been encased, damaged, in its bubble wrap. This was not the fault of these guys as I clearly saw, and was not then overcome with any violent urges at all. One of the chair legs had been snapped in two too. Obviously I was not going to accept the delivery, so I signed the 'refusal' and off they went, mighty apologetically too. "Third time lucky" I called to them as they left.

Good thing I hadn't organised a dinner party for tonight...

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  1. chit! And you did not mention it you brave girl - if I had know (thought you were out to lunch with the crowd)', I would have dashed round with the Vodka.

    Bienvenue dans le monde de la livraison française!!!


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