Monday, September 01, 2008


I suppose it would be really tacky of me to announce, with much drum-rolling and fanfare that

I am at last

Yeah, I thought so...

I have been emotionally and mentally divorced for years, of course, but I can now change my passport back to my maiden name, get my mobile phone contract in my name and various other exciting examples of removing all trace of his name on my stuff.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have bought a bottle of vintage 2002 Veuve Cliquot. It even came in its own orange box. There's posh. I don't intend to quaff it all by myself however. That would be sad, and very bad for me, so I'm gathering together a small number of very fine friends, including NG and my TWDB if he can make it. Being a top notch Man of Substance, however, he may not make it before we have snuck the whole lot. That's one of the problems of being a Very Busy homme d'affaire, and why I am apathetic about being a career girl. It's too tempting to pack in early and go and do something more interesting instead...

So, let me raise a cyber glass to my lovely St Bloggie readers. You'll have to imagine the cut crystal champagne flute, the delicate pale gold of fizzing champagne, and the ring of crystal on crystal as we toast my newly de-cluttered chemin de coeur.



  1. Well congratulations on the decluttering, and here's to your future!

  2. youpie! And the champagne was super - and the company

    HAPPY DIVORCE TO YOU, tralala!

  3. The days my divorce became absolute, I threw a great party! I asked my ex along but for some reason he refused!

  4. Congrats Saz, I can taste that veuve...Fx


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