Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rentrée 2008

La Rentrée. Today, schoolchildren all over France were wending their way, many with their parents, back to school.

My youngest was going into CE1, which means he's no longer in the 'baby' class of his primary school and can lord it over all the little new kids. He made no particular effort to dress for the occasion. No smart pair of slightly too big trousers all beautifully pressed. No gleaming white shirt with collar and buttons. No, my hero went in his football shorts and Arsenal footie shirt.

Our new neighbours, on the other hand, were impeccably turned out, with brushed hair to boot. I had only just managed to get my son in the shower the day before. It was pretty warm here, so I'm glad he took the casual approach to clothes for his first day.

Perfect mummies like to dress their young'uns as young men. It's very popular here, especially with families in the big houses. What I say is, they don't do their own ironing, so it's easy to have beautifully turned-out kids. I let mine choose what they want to wear, and they never ever want to wear shirts with collars, which lets me off the hook quite nicely thank you!

Apparently he had a good day, and has made friends with the new neighbours who seem to be very nice boys. I thought he would be going to school tomorrow too, but how wrong I was. They have the morning off, no idea why, and start again on Thursday.

On the other hand, my eldest starts his new private school tomorrow, so is unavailable to bro-sit. Not sure if I can get him into childcare or not. Maybe the teachers will all go on strike on Thursday just to really get back into the swing of things. There's usually some Rentrée issue that brings them all out in force.

Or maybe it's just that the shock of going back to work after 2 months off is just too much for them... Yeah, I think I'd be keen to strike too!

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