Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I am not in a sweet temper this morning, for several reasons.

1. I had to get up at the crack of dawn (06.45).
2. I had to get in my car and drive my eldest to his new school 15mins away. (Him not a happy bunny, but, as I told him, you'll only have to suffer one first day, and we've all had to go through it.)
3. Try to get my youngest into the local playgroup only to discover they are closed today, the day school is out...
4. Discover by hearsay that there is no longer ever school on a Wednesday morning because they are now operating the 4-day Week. (Work to rule next?)
5. Obliged to take the morning off, thus, to care for youngest who should be in school except it's closed, or should therefore be in the playgroup except they're closed too...
6. So cross I can't do anything constructive with time off except monitor blood pressure. Reflecting on wisdom of scoffing chocolate, but too vain to risk addition of fat rolls around middle and top of legs, so decide to give in to despair instead.
7. Discover folder of information in youngest's bag, no mention of 4-day week, but a list of supplies to buy, including 'workbook protectors'. As workbooks come in 3 sizes, I'm assuming that the teacher is taking the piss by not making it CLEAR which size is needed, so I'll have to guess which one she means. Am remembering just how irritated French teachers make me, and am wondering whether it would be judicious to buy a blood pressure monitor...
8. Try to ring various friends/mother to rant, none of whom are in so...
9. Take out rant on TWDB in an email itemising each organisational/communication failure of school/playgroup after which he'll probably decide I'm a neurotic lunatic and break off diplomatic relations. Regret inability to retract emails... May resort to chocolate after all.

This ends this morning's rant.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Ah - those wonderful protège- cahiers...dont you just love those idiosyncratic lists we get each year?!

    I've spent ten minutes trying to work out what 'TWDB' means. Is it rude? Do tell...

  2. Oh - I've just been doing some catching up on your blog posts - so now I know what TWDB means!

    I spent ten days in Canet-plage with my own TWDB - only I used to call him a TB (guess). But after four years of separation he's gone back to being the TWDB I used to know and love :-)

  3. Wow, Gigi, does this mean you're going to get back together???

  4. I thought that was what Gigi was hinting about too, Sarah. Give us the lowdown, Gigi!!

  5. OK...yes, we're going to get back together eventually.... Thing is, he's living and working in Perpignan so it won't be just yet. Possibly next year, when my second daughter goes off to the UK for a year to work. At the moment, I don't want to take her out of school (bac this year)- she's in one of the best lycées in France. Anyway, she would refuse to come. My youngest daughter, however, just hates Grenoble and always has, so she would come.

    There is somehing to be said for living apart for a while, I must admit. It's made me stronger and I've 'found' my old self. We appreciate each other far more, too.

    I believe he has had a Midlife Crisis. He turned into an alien for four years and I didn't recognise him. When I saw him in Canet, he had turned back into the darling man I married.

    He's the only man I've ever loved (and I've had a long and chequered life! My children have two different fathers, and H is not one of them!) and he's the only man who would put up with me. We're both complete oddballs, you know :-)

    So voilà! I'm seeing him in Toulouse in the Toussaint holidays - I'll let you know how it goes :-)

  6. OOOOOOHHHHH!! What good news!! What with your improved love life, and Louise getting married, and me with my TWDB, life is really GOOD for us all.

    How wonderful is that???


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