Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deccies Done

The deccies are finally up, the house is kind of clean, and I'm a buggered wreck. Here I am blogging with a massive mug of life-restoring tea (Yorkshire, natch).

The plan today was to go to Ikea to buy a tree - supposedly 20Eur including a 19Eur bon d'achat to spend in January. Cool, thought C&A and I. We'd go and have lunch in Ik, then buy the tree, plus bits... and then go to the Grande Bleu pool resort. Things didn't go quite according to plan (do they ever?).

We did have lunch in Ik which I enjoyed and the boys didn't really. My youngest immediately felt sick and didn't want to go swimming - not sure what brought that on, I just hope it wasn't a dodgy meatball. We dashed over to Decathlon (A fond la forme) to buy a cossie for my eldest who does insist on growing all the time, then went back to Ikea to buy the tree. Unfortunately there were only a few mankie, titchy ones remaining, so we gave that up as a bad job. I left my eldest to go swimming with C&A and went home via Botanic to get the tree (plus bits...).

My youngest and I then set about decorating it, plus the house, then tidying up at which point he lost interest, surprisingly. The tree looks fab with its lights twinkling, burdened down with all the baubles, tinsel and other bits and bobs. The creche is under the tree this year with its bizarrely painted figures done by the boys and myself a couple of years ago. My youngest was going through his psychedelic phase at the time.

If I had the energy, I'd run up some mince pies now, but I don't have a Magimix any more and the thought of making pastry by hand is a wee bit beyond my level of actual acceptable activity (AAA). My batteries have enough juice in them to make courgette soup, but definitely not for breadcrumbing, rolling and cutting pastry. My goodness me, no!

And I don't feel guilty about it either!

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  1. Caught up with news, and think to myself "heaven's, I used to do all that running around, organising and sycronising too..."

    Nowadays U could not sycronise my way out of a paper bag...hélas!

    But very glad deccies are up, (coz I will benefit), sorry youngest wanted to throw up instead of swimming, and really really delighted that eldest was no squashed on the road......


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