Monday, December 15, 2008

Stuffed at Antidot

I can't say I did an awful lot of work today (at work, that is...). We had our Christmas lunch so, while the morning was moderately productive, the afternoon was practically a write-off.

But we did have a good time, and it was totally delicious! That's what counts, no? I had been very bossy about the whole thing organising it. Too many cooks spoil the pot, it's said, well, too many suggestions make taking a decision a nightmare. So, having organised Christmas lunches for some years now, what I did was suggest a place and if anyone had anything to suggest instead they were to come forward.

Quite quickly, I emailed the restaurant and they emailed back the menu we had to choose from. By the time everyone had seen what was on offer, if they'd had other suggestions just to be awkward, they soon forgot them.

So it made things much simpler. We had the one menu, for 23Eur at l'Antidot with enough choice to keep everyone happy. They all chose beforehand, I noted it all down, sent it to the restaurant on Friday, and kept a copy that I printed off to take with me. People always forget, so when we got there, I handed it round so they would remember, and that speeded up the service no end.

I had, then, mousseline of foie gras with fried coppa (ham), followed by aumonière of canard confit with gratin de pommes de terre flavoured with cèpes mushrooms, and finished up with gratin of fresh fruit. I could have had marinated scallops, croustillant de saumon, fish with parsnip purée, gratin of scallops with rissoles, or a plate of chocolate cake, tiramisu, or plate of tasters of all three.

We drank some Domaine Henry, some Mas de Bruguières and something else which all went down very well, and everyone said what a lovely meal they'd had and congratulated me on my choice. It's so nice to get it right!

Being successful does make me so sleepy though, so I had a peaceful afternoon looking glazed at my desk.

We have a generally good ambiance at work. There were three people missing because of one reason or another, but for everyone else, differences laid untendered, people who didn't get on sat at opposite ends of the table, and I was with my jolly pals B and W.

Boy was I stuffed at the end - I had to almost waddle out of the restaurant, and that was quite enough food for the rest of the day! Don't want me bursting now, just before Christmas, do we?

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