Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good/Bad Stuff

Good stuff:
  • I've nearly finished Christmas shopping
  • Looking forward to buying a tree and decorating it this weekend. It seems that you can buy one at Ikea for 20€ and get a coupon for 19€ to spend in the shop before January the something. Bargain!
  • My TWDB unexpectedly came to supper this evening. What a lovely surprise!
  • Poubelle la Vie is heading for a climatic end of the week episode tomorrow. Will not go out.
  • Gonna see my mates this weekend - we have lots to catch up on.
  • I've put the mattress warmer on, so I'm all nice and snug when I go to bed.
  • We put a Christmas tree and deccies up at work today so it all looks lovely and festive.
  • Had a jolly lunch with a pal today who spoke about issues of poo.
  • Helped drink a bottle of St Chinian, La Chant des Cigales and very delicious it was too. Must go to taste at the domain!
Bad stuff:
  • Christmas is charging up at the speed of light.
  • My eldest's parents' evening is next week and I can only see 2 out of his 7 teachers.
  • I won't see my TWDB until next Wednesday.
  • I still have to clear up dinner...
  • I can look forward to a weekend of cleaning the house.
  • I was going to have a Christmas party but can't be arsed.
  • Have to take my car in for a service. It's running on borrowed time...
  • Loads of people at work are ill. I'm just hoping they don't share it around.
  • My bank statement.
En gros, the pros outweigh the cons - I have more good stuff going on than bad. In these times of recession, credit crunch and general malaise, this is a Good Thing, and thank goodness I don't live in Zimbabwe where I'd be dead already, at 45.

There but for the grace...

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