Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Vilaine, the Movie

The other day, my TWDB and I decided to go to the cinema. It was a bit of a last-minute decision, being 7.20pm on Friday night. We had no idea what was on, so went onto the website of our local cinemas to have a look.

After hurriedly skipping through some of the reviews, we realised that most of the shows started at 8pm, on the other side of town! It was time for action, so we jumped into the car and decided to leave choosing to spur of the moment inspiration once there.

We made it on time, stood outside the row of posters dithering. I'm hopeless at deciding what I want to eat/do/read/see, but I was told it was 'lady's choice' and nearly 8pm, so I plunged in bravely and suggested 'Vilaine'.

A FRENCH FILM? I hear you cry. Yep, French, and very much a film. Well, the alternative was 'Transporter 3' or some miserable movie you come out of not having enjoyed and wondering why you spent money to make yourself depressed when there's quite enough in real life to render you thusly as it is, and quite frankly going to the cinema is supposed to be pleasurable and leave you feeling GOOD, not CRAP! In my opinion, anyway. Especially if I'm paying, which I wasn't, but then I was out with my TWDB and having fun, and wanted things to stay that way.

So, 'Vilaine' it was, and I was very glad with my choice. The story is about Mélanie who is not attractive, has never been attractive, and, what makes her life even more impossible is that she is 'gentil' (nice). So everyone takes advantage of her niceness, including her wayward mother, her creep of a boss and her 'friends'.

She has been communicating with a guy on the internet, and is due to meet him on St Valentine's day even though she has sent him a photo... Unfortunately, disaster strikes and poor Mélanie realises that something has to change.

So, she decides that niceness is for losers and creates 'Vilaine', her vengeful alter ego. What follows is a hilarious readjustment of the universe.

'Vilaine' is an 'anti The Incredibly Irritating and Boring History of Amélie Poulain' film, which I absolutely detested. Where Amélie is smug and annoying, Mélanie is just trying to get by as best she can, and failing miserably. Where Amélie interferes with her neighbour's lives for no particular reason, Vilaine wreaks revenge for personal emotional injuries endured over the years. It's a cool movie where the underdog triumphs.

Unusually, for a French film, it has a happy ending.

If you hated Amélie, you'll love 'Vilaine', and if you liked Amélie, you'll probably also enjoy 'Vilaine'.

We left the cinema still laughing, and went off to find supper. A word to the wise: out of season, if it's after 10pm, go home to eat cos there ain't nothing cookin' in town. Or stay in the cinema complex and choose one of the cantine chains that have chain food from freezer to microwave. Or eat first and go to the later show.

You have been warned!


  1. I loathed Amelie Poulain....andt hought I was the only one around!

  2. A film where the underdog triumphs sounds like the kind of film I would enjoy.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about going for films that would not only entertain but also leave one happy.

  3. Maybe we should start the AAA - Anti Amélie Association. Nauseating film! I always get worried when everyone tells you what a great film they have just seen. Mama Mia seems to be 'the' film at the moment. Or maybe I just don't know the right people!

  4. Me too, Louise. Same with books. I have another friend who loathed Amélie too, so we could soon form a football team!

    I haven't seen Mamma Mia yet.


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