Sunday, May 09, 2010

Clothes Cull

I were that bored today I tidied out me wardrobe. I'd already done as much housework as I can take on a Sunday morning (20mins), it was raining outside and I had a nagging voice in my head reminding me that it should be done. Soon. Before the next visit of my flea market lady.

So I pulled out all my clothes and barely hesitated over the ruthless cull of mistakes and optimistic mis-purchases. I got rid of most of my skirts; I don't like skirts, I prefer dresses and trousers, but sometimes I get an idea that I would wear a skirt and so I buy one. We're not talking big money here. My flea market lady's average price is €15, so a skirt might be €20.

It's hopeless really because I then never get to wear it. I think a lot of my dislike is because they don't fit properly. I'm not an odd size, but I don't like clothes that don't fit, and most skirts sit uncomfortably round my middle and then ride up on the waist when I sit down. As I spend a lot of time sat in front of a computer this annoys me like hell.

So out went all the little buggers. Out too went jackets I haven't worn for 3 years, a parachute suit I bought when I was 18 and is really snazzy but, let's face it, one doesn't look the same over 45 as 18, various tops, a couple of dresses - one is for a taller willowy type woman, makes me look like a foreshortened gnome; the other is cut in half high on the waist and I'm never tanned enough there to make it look good.

I filled two large plastic bags. They'll go down the road to a friend's house to see if anything suits for her daughter (I doubt anything but a couple of tops will) and I would then take it to the Secours Catholique, but she has suggested doing a flea market stand and lunching on the proceeds. She still has the clothes from my last throw-out session which were too good to give away to the wallies in the SecoCatho but we can't be fagged to put them on Ebay.

Hopefully we'll make enough to have a bottle of wine too!


  1. I thought I'd done a good cull this winter, and my wardrobe had space again. But last week I did the ironing that's been accumulating since last December and I discovered that I've still got a way to go. Sigh.

  2. It must be fascinating having clothes to cull. These days my entire wardrobe - aside from the odd special occasion thing like my diner jacket and white tie - revolves around two pairs of jeans, two of shorts, four t-shirts, six long sleeve tops, a shirt and two jumpers.

    This does make life simpler, if a little unvaried.

  3. I really need to do this, I am terrible at culling. I must get round to it. As I know how wonderful and cathartic it feels once you have done it, not to mention all the space it frees up in the wardrobe.

  4. Oh well done Sarah. Now I'm losing weight with WW I'm really peeved I gave away all my tight stuff when we left Hampshire to come to France.

  5. I culled mother's stuff last time I was in the U.K. and asked a friend to call in the retro shops for some of from the fifties...mother threw nothing away!

    I don't often buy clothes since coming to France as their shapes and mine don't match at all but i still seem to have mysterious piles of rugby shirts which I don't remember acquiring and which seem to last foever when in use so that I hesitate to chuck out the rest...I'll probably be buried in one,

  6. PG- Ironing since December? Wow, and you still had stuff to wear?

    Jon- that's a minimalist wardrobe with a vengeance!

    Dash- yes, it's nice to see space and tidiness while it lasts...

    FF- how annoying! Still, a lovely excuse to redesign your wardrobe.

    Fly- I was talking to my mother today and she was saying she needs to cull but also needs ruthless help from me to stop her putting it all back. I also have 3 pairs of shoes/boots I should really sell as they are practically new having been bought and hardly worn cos so uncomfortable. For some obscure reason I spend the most money on shoes which are too narrow, can't wear them, and carry on wearing the same old crap!

  7. Well done getting rid of more stuff. things are not a bargin no matter how cheap they are if they do not fit properly and are not top quality. I think it is far less expensive if you buy top quality of something that you need rather than want. You will wear it to death and it will cost you less in the end. Buy less but better is my moto for everthing. Beware of reductions as the best has probably sold out.

  8. Hi Johnny, I hardly ever buy anything new. My clothes come from my flea market lady and are generally good makes so better quality than I could afford new.

    She knows my size and taste so it takes a lot of the pain out of shopping.

  9. So you sort of have your own personal shopper.

  10. I do!! The budget version! Tee-shirts €5, trousers €10-15, etc. I don't have to spend fruitless hours walking round the shops, don't have to fend off salesgirls, don't have to keep dressing and undressing.

    It's marvellous. She comes to me with bags of stuff, I invite my pal and we have a jolly time trying everything on in the comfort of my bedroom.

    I've been using her for years now.


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