Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was so full of hope yesterday morning. At last I had some time to take my youngest into town and get him some summer clothes, and find some shoes and simple smart white tops for me.

We dashed into Montpellier for 10am, way before the hoards make it. I loathe hate and detest shopping in large crowds. I'm not an enthusiastic shopper at the best of times, actually, and yesterday confirmed exactly why.

It started off well. I took my boy into C&A and he picked out three snazzy cutoffs/tee-shirt outfits plus a belt to hold up the trousers on his slender frame. Very pleased, he was, but thirsty, so we stopped for a Fanta/coffee to prepare us for the next crucial stage. Me.

We went into Zara, Carroll, Morgan and a couple of others. I was looking for a simple, smart white top that will go with all my new clothes, suitable for summer wear. Easy peasy? Nope, mission impossible. I didn't fine ONE simple white stretch polyamide top, and nothing that even came close. This is why I hate shopping. I never find what I'm looking for.

I didn't find any shoes either. The ones I liked had some dodgy stitching along the side which irritated my foot and they didn't have another in my size. I'm not into gladiator strapping, having done that in 1984 which is when I was the right age for it, and couldn't find anything else. Not that I wasted much time on it. I get frustrated at seeing nothing but crap so just give up in the end.

I did pop into Jacadi for a cute red-striped cotton jersey dress and knitted cotton jacket for my new little niece (a breath-taking price). Are you registered with us? asked the charming saleslady. No, replied I, thinking that at their prices I wouldn't be a regular shopper, my niece would just have to slum it in Gucci... (joke).

So that was that. I came home empty-handed. As usual.

Thank goodness for Pierrette!


  1. That's the exact reason why I prefer the kind of shopping you described in your previous post - there's far more variety, and your choice isn't limited to what colour/style the fashion gods dictate.

  2. I so understand what you mean! I hate shopping when I'm going for something specific - I never ever find it and I always find that nothing ever fits properly in French clothes shops!

    Have you tried Next? They deliver (quite cheaply) to France now and have been a saver for me for many of my basic clothing items. I also know what size I am there so am rarely disappointed!

    Good luck in the hunt!

  3. I get quite beside myself at times, trying to find clothes that fit, are the right fabric...and that I might even like having filled the first two categories.

    Usually end by gloomily going through the back of the wardrobe to see what can be salvaged.

  4. Pretty resounding thumbs down for clothes shopping there, ladies. Amazing really the shops manage to sell anything seeing as they don't have much that anyone wants, or no one here anyway.

    We're such a select bunch. :)

    Piglet, I haven't tried Next, I'll have a look at their website - thanks!

  5. It is very difficult to find the basic clothes you want. you end up on line or mail order. why clothing retailers do not keep basic good quality items I just do not know.

  6. You know if you find something you like, and go back a few months later you will never find a repeat, its the same for shoes. i think it just reflects what a mess things are in. Not everyone is a fashion victim, and many just want good quality that will wash well and last. clothes that is not shoes.

  7. Johnny, my dearly beloved works for a retail software developing company and he says that having no repeats is part of the business model of certain companies such as Zara.

    Once the stock is gone, that's it so you have to get what you see when you see it as it may not be there next time.

    I hate that.

  8. Re your comment about no repeats being a marketing's just like shopping in an end of line shop, then...if I like something there I grab the lot, knowing it will never reappear.
    Had no idea main stream retail was copying their sales plans!

  9. Fly, maybe it's supposed to push you to buy NOW rather than go away and think about it.

    I hate being bossed about like that. I'll do as I like not as they want me to do, ta.

  10. Oh! Good job I'm not their average customer, then. They'd soon go bust.


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