Thursday, July 08, 2010

Busy doing nothing

I've been wondering what I've been up to recently and have come to the conclusion that 'nothing' just about sums it up. What I mean, of course, is that I get up, go to work, earn a crust, come home and fart about. I've also been fighting recalcitrant software, given up in true grit style and resorted to good ol' Word.

La Plage des Lézards, Carnon
Last night we made it to the sea, hurrah! For a beer at a beach bar/restaurant in a light breeze and ambiance de vacances. There are several of these beach venues along the coast between La Grande Motte and Carnon (and beyond) but I keep going back to les Lezards, mostly because it's the nearest, but also because it's just plain pleasant.

Several of the others have an excess of silicone and overly brown taut skin about them, the beach babes of a predictable type, usually with balding, often dumpy (richish) men. If they aren't young and nubile, they are 'of a certain age', skinny, and well-weathered. They'll be sporting some serious money around their necks and wrists, a pale blond hair-do, something tight and white, and an unfortunate shade of lipstick.

Their sisters in the back of beyond are the opposite - plump, dressed sloppily in nothing that goes, and with that odd red hair colour that local hairdressers must get as a job lot.

Both are a far cry from the French woman so beloved by English newspapers who is chic, skinny, probably not brown cos it results in wrinkles, and wouldn't be seen dead anywhere outside Paris (16th), the Cote d'Azur or, at a pinch, Vichy (for the waters).

Down here on the 'populaire' beaches of Languedoc you see rather more effort than taste.

And having had a nice bitch, I can get back to my rather yummy home-made felafel made with my New Mixer (Carrouf Home) and wonder how I managed without since I broke the last two. Glass of frosty Puech Haut rosé in hand, natch. Cheers!


  1. How ias it that dumpy sort of rich men think that they have to have women like this to give them any objective observer, it would detract from same.
    Yet another puzzle of the universe.
    Quite agree on the divergence between image of French women and the reality...especially the red hair colouring!

  2. I was startled by the first of the orange people in town the other day (skin, not hair). It's not a good look.

  3. I forgot to mention the slimy beach guy who is also dressed in white, thinks himself the bees knees and irresistible to all women. They all make for entertainment as one sips one's beer.

    PG - it's quite a rainbow here, what with bottle orange, sun-ray red, pre-sun white, and sun-bed brown. The odd natural suntan stands out from the rest.

  4. I've always wondered about the fascination in France for having strangely coloured hair... also, brightly coloured shoes, glasses and garish earrings...

    I know exactly the type of women you mean in those beach places. They certainly don't live up to the supposed French chic do they?


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