Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bad Luck Three

It happened. I predicted a third disaster yesterday and didn't have to wait long. My keenly awaited third piece of bad luck turned out to be due to rain. It was so heavy that planes arriving in Montpellier couldn't land last night. I think maybe some water had got into the fuse box and blown the landing lights because pilots couldn't see the runway, or couldn't tell where the runway ended and the lagoon started...

Whatever the reason, all flights were cancelled. I had bought the tickets on the internet and asked an Air France person standing at the check-in place if I could get reimbursed on-line. She said she didn't think so and advised I join the queue of 200 people wanting to rebook flights etc.

An hour and a half later, I got to the front of the line and was told that I had to request the reimbursement, guess where... on-line. By that time I was too exhausted to feel anything, so we just trudged back out into the rain, got into the car and drove home.

Needless to say, you cannot get reimbursed automatically on-line on the Air France website, so I've had to fill in some contact form and hope they eventually get round to reading it. There is a warning that due to the vast numbers of people trying to contact Air France, they are experiencing delays in responding. So, I suppose this means I'll get reimbursed some time next June. It's been one farce after another.

I was so fed up with public transport, I was planning to get in the car and physically take the boys to their grandparents' a couple of hours up the road, or meeting their grandfather half way, but no, their dad thinks it's a much better idea to put them on a train (again) for 3.5hours followed by a car drive of 6-7hrs tomorrow back down to the grandparents' house.

The obvious choice, natch...

I finally got my fondue though, last night. My TWDB came round and we stuffed ourselves silly with 600g of fine quality melted cheese and wine. It was just the job after yet another ghastly day.

Well, if the rule of three is to be counted on, that's it by way of disasters for me this Christmas. Dare I relax?

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