Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flying Tonight

If there's one thing guaranteed to keep us on our toes it's a series of disasters. As we all know, they come in threes. I'm two down and am keenly awaiting the third.

Last night was spent in A&E with my youngest. He should have been on a plane going to Paris, but seconds before we got in the car, his elder brother pulled him out of a hiding place by his arm. Too hard. I didn't realise what had happened, but once in the car he started to complain that it really hurt and he couldn't move it.

What to do? Time was of the essence here so I decided to tackle the problem at the airport. They must have procedures to deal with medical emergencies. People have all sorts of medical emergencies in public places - heart attacks, passing out, falling over, tripping up and breaking something, fight injuries... etc.

The airport did have procedures. I approached a woman who was chatting to a pal on the information desk. She eventually managed to drag herself away from her fascinating conversation to attend to us. I told her we needed a doctor/nurse/someone competent medically, so she said she'd have to call the Pompiers (oooh!).

Was hoping to travel in one of these...
Two strapping firemen strode up a short time later and in a cosy spot with a sofa started to examine my son's shoulder. Then a third came and I wondered if the whole brigade might come down and we could make a party of it!

They couldn't decide if the shoulder was dislocated or not and advised I take him to hospital for an X-ray. I called my ex-h who agreed that my youngest couldn't fly and had to be seen to properly. The head pompier then asked me to sign a discharge saying that I wouldn't be needing pompier transport. I hesitated. A ride in a red truck with a flashing light was a very attractive proposition, but sadly an abuse of resources so I signed on the dotted line.

For the second time in a week, my youngest didn't travel and I had to cancel his arrangements. Instead we spent three hours in A&E waiting and having a few X-rays. Ever pessimistic, I'd taken a book with me so I could read while waiting for the hypothetical plane to take off. Here it came in handy during the interminable hours of waiting for hypothetical doctors to turn up. My son meanwhile played Bubbles and Solitaire on my phone. He's not a reader, that one. Neither one is despite the obvious advantages such as passing the time while waiting for busy doctors. They're having none of it!

Eventually, and I mean eventually, the doc appeared and said there was no dislocation or fracture but the shoulder had to be immobilised in a sling. That was it. Won't that make travelling fun!

He's off again today, third time lucky, with his bro this time. I'm hoping and praying that they make it without further incident and leave me to enjoy the meagre remnants of my own Christmas plans.

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