Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How the Mighty have Fallen

Oh la la, what has Dominique Strauss-Kahn been up to? Talk about furore, the news in France is full of his presumed attack on the Sofitel hotel maid. There's been much wailing and cries of 'it must be a conspiracy, he is such a decent bloke and he's just about to become president of France'! (yeah yeah)

Elsewhere, on the more irreverent internet, for example, we are all having a good laugh. He might be an excellent economist and terribly terribly important, but let's face it, he's an idiot - a sexual predator idiot - and an arrogant one at that.

So when the mighty fall (because, as the NYPD say, the evidence is damning), especially the arrogant mighty - the champagne socialist who thinks he's untouchable - the opportunity to let rip is plus fort que nous. So here, for your delectation and delight is the most hilarious, wicked video reworking the song 'Dominique nique nique':

You'll need a good grasp of French to understand it, but it's well worth the effort even if you have to work at it a bit.

So what about all those people who believe he was set up? I don't quite see how he could have been, when it's much more likely he was behaving true to form. The more we read about him, the more obvious it becomes that he's a sexual predator and no woman is safe getting into a lift alone with him, or working in his office. In fact, he should probably pop into the same clinic that Michael Douglas signed into to treat his addiction to sex.

Proof that he's an idiot is shown by his attack on the maid in the US. If he'd been in France I'm sure the Establishment would have closed ranks, hushed it up, offered the woman money and tried to make light of it. If it did come out, the French media would have turned him into a victim of some sort, or suggested that a bit of philandering never did any other French politician any harm, au contraire.

The woman would be labelled a slapper and castigated for trying to bring down such an important man, never mind that she was attacked, abused and forced into some grotesque acts on this dirty old geezer. Sexual  hypocrisy in France is quite as nauseating as anywhere else, and we have yet to see what DSK's lawyer's are preparing for the poor Sofitel maid.

The Chinese have made a video reconstruction of (part of) his attack on the maid based on the police report (where he loses an instant 30kg - handy!).

Meanwhile, from the burgeoning file on him in France documenting a long list of complaints by other women,  is one who is set to come forward to take him to court for attempted rape in 2002. Journalist Tristane Banon, here talking about DSK's rape attempt, was persuaded by her mother (a friend of the Strauss-Kahn family) not to take him to court at the time, but she's had to live with it for too long now, and has decided to take action at last. Who knows what else will crawl out of the woodwork, what skeletons will jump out of the cupboard and go BOO DSK, remember ME?

In the US, he's facing 72 years in prison if found guilty, but there is a consolation - he could join Bernard Madoff! I'd like to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversation!

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