Saturday, October 01, 2016

News and booze

Thought I might do a round-up of the month. Not the toxic, glyphosate type which kills every living thing in sight, but an environment-friendly John Craven-type Newsround.

I've given up zumba. Not a biggie, but when I went to the first session of the 'rentrée', it was a bit tough on the old knees. Nothing to do with having done zero sport during the summer because it was so hot (except for walking in Wales), but everything to do with age-related decrepitude. My DB suggested that perhaps zumba was for osteoarthritis-free youth and that I could do something else. The truth hurts, but less than a dodgy knee.

It just so happened that I had to get some sporty clothes for my youngest in Intersport behind Carrouf, and what did I see opposite? A gym. And not just any old outrageously expensive 1OO€+ per month temple of the vain and oily, but a 245€ per year basic gym with a nice age range of the young and fit, to the more mature trying desperately to ward off osteoporosis and muscle shrivel.

When I popped over to look inside, I was pleased to find nice kind lads in charge, one of whom told me all about the gym, didn't make me feel like an old crock who had no place in a centre of fitness, and generally made me very welcome. So I went back the next day and signed myself up, and my eldest.

I go two to three times a week, take my Kindle, and am happy I can go whenever I want (6am to 11pm) whatever the weather. I even have a personal fitness plan that is training me to be hail and hearty, strong of bone, and firm of bum.

I'm older than I was at the beginning of the month. It was my birthday (50+) which had to be a low-key event because it was mid-week. Otherwise of course I would have had a party for the masses... As it was, a friend took me out for a ladies-who-lunch lunch in a ladylike boutique restaurant called 'Déjeuner sur l'herbe' where you can buy the chairs you sit on if you so wish. I didn't, I just wanted to eat and chat, as you do in a restaurant. We had a very jolly time, even quaffing on a naughty work day glass of wine.

In the evening, I went to an InterNations bash. My co-Ambassador and I organised it for my birthday so I could celebrate it with a bunch of jolly people even on a Tuesday.

Happy Birthday me! I'm rocking the charity shop top!
When I arrived, I ordered a G&T to celebrate, and one was forthcoming. My co-Amb said she would get my drink and another G&T appeared. Turns out there was a little mix-up and this one had no home. When I told the patronne it was my birthday, she instantly gave me the second drinkie poo, so there I was, Two-Gins Sarah (see photo above). I got very merry (see below).

One G&T down
One of my buddies got everyone to sing ''Happy Birthday' and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was my eldest's birthday this month too. He is no longer a snotty teenager, but a go-getting young man of 20! Well, hopefully the go-getting will kick in at some point... and he has yet to dip his toe in the gym...

My son on his way to a gala event, suit bought 30mins prior...
Happy Birthday son, just kidding, etc.

It's a long, hard slog learning C sharp. I did very little over August with the result that I had to revise everything I'd done at the beginning of September, reviewing nearly all the videos and my notes so I could pass a little test. In order to boost my shit memory, I'm taking a complex of vitamins B and C, the sort of thing they give to Alzheimer sufferers...

The coding challenges often involve solving puzzles, and as I rarely use my brain in that way, it's like pulling teeth. My DB assures me it'll get easier, but I can just feel the rusty cogs cranking up in my brain trying to make head or tail of the problem.

I joined a Facebook cultural Ponzi scheme which involved books. Getting up to 35 books back, was the pull that convinced me. All I had to do was send a book that I loved to one person, put my name on a list, and wait for the best-loved books of others to come flooding in.

Well, I didn't get quite 35 books back. But I did get two. That's two more than zero, so it's a win! I sent off one of my old favourites - Mrs Frampton by Pam Gems - not Great Literature, but a merry read by a fabulous author (of plays for theatre and tele). I got back 'The Deptford Trilogy' by Robertson Davies, and 'Stiff' by Mary Roach both of which look fab.

I can't remember anything else for the moment (not sure those pills are working yet...), so that's it for this post.


  1. helen devries01/10/2016, 22:58

    Deep guilt re books! I forgot to make a note...and forgot!

    1. No probs, Helen, you're not alone. Cast out the guilt. However, if it's too much to bear, you can always participate, it's never too late. :)

  2. Tsk! You think 50's old?
    I've got nieces older than that!
    It's a young lass posing in the pictures anyway.

    1. 50+ joints do creak some, the only bits growing up. :)

  3. I love the Ponzi book scheme, It's my Birthday during November, due to 'old timers' I can't remember how old I will be..

    Oh and last week Mrs Sensible called me an old git... she said I was beginning to act old, So I am back to flip flops, shorts and glasses of wine

    1. An old git? Surely not!! I'd have been back into flip flops and shorts too, and I've never gone off the wine so... :)

  4. well happy 50th - and you are still younger than John Craven I am thinking

    1. Thanks David. 50+ but who's counting? :)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday. You are not old at 50! I was still teaching aerobics until I left South Africa when I was 59. I have to admit since leaving I have fallen back to only cycling and walking now - lazy!! Have a great week Diane

    1. I don't feel old, but one of my knees is threatening trouble if I don't watch it, so, in fear and trembling, I have given up zumba but not sport in general. :)

      Teaching aerobics until 59? Gosh, that's impressive. It probably set you up for still looking good. :)

    2. I have changed shape - the waist line has thickened up though only about 3 kg heavier!!!!!

  6. Oh it's November and I missed your Newsround! What a fabulous birthday, missus two-gins! I'm curious about the chairs you can buy - if everybody bought their chairs at the lunch sitting, what would they do for dinner?
    Your son looks very handsome and smart - I imagine you are very proud. I love to see mine in a suit.
    Good news about your gym and the training plan - are you still going?

    1. They don't open in the evenings, so can restock I expect. I wonder how many they sell...
      I am proud of my son, he's a great guy. :)
      I am indeed still going to the gym. I try to go 2-3 times a week. I was on holiday for the last few days so did nothing, but I'll go again this weekend. What with that and yoga once a week, it's all very good for me I'm sure. I like that I can read my Kindle while on the cycling and walking (jogging) machines.


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